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We Are The Dream Campaign

On King Day, January 17, 2022, we are sponsoring an aspiring artist workshop for youth ages 10 - 17. Participants will be given group and individual guidance on their artistic paths. They will participate in a guided meditation and mindfulness exercise, theatre games, role play, and construct individual vision boards. They will all have 15 min one-on-one sessions with Ms. Shenise as well. Lunch will be provided courtesy of K Roots Kitchen. The workshop will be from noon until 3:30pm. The price is $30. All registered participants are able to take advantage of the Double Good popcorn fundraiser. 80% of each participant's profits will go to the artistic organization of his/her choosing. Once you are registered for the workshop (between Jan. 1 - Jan. 4), fundraiser information will be sent.

No upcoming events at the moment
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